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Brass wire mesh (wire cloth) is widely used in medical and chemical fields.

Brass wire mesh from 8 Mesh to 160 mesh can be supplied. If necessary, small pieces can be processed. No matter what quantity you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mesh Number Wire gauge(SWG) of brass wire mesh Aperture of brass wire mesh
8meshx8mesh 24# wire 2.616
10meshx10mesh 24# wire 1.98
12meshx12mesh 26# wire 1.66
14meshx14mesh 26# wire 1.357
16meshx16mesh 30# wire 1.27
18meshx18mesh 30# wire 1.096
20meshx2mesh 32# wire 0.88
30meshx30mesh 34# wire 0.613
40meshx40mesh 38# wire 0.485
50meshx50mesh 39# wire 0.378
60meshx60mesh 40# wire 0.301
70meshx70mesh 41# wire 0.251
80meshx80mesh 42# wire 0.216
90meshx90mesh 43# wire 0.191
100meshx100mesh 43# wire 0.164
120meshx120mesh 45# wire 0.140
140meshx140mesh 45# wire 0.110
160meshx160mesh 46# wire 0.087
width of brass wire mesh:0.6M-1.3M
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